We Focus on Applied Learning

Our mission is to prepare you for the challenges of the 21st century workforce. 与专业, 未成年人, certificates and programs, synergetic colleges and schools and one-on-one instruction from our faculty, we make sure you get the tools you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced, 全球化的社会.

在圣. 云州, your education goes beyond the classroom. Our focus on applied learning means you receive the opportunity to gain real-world experience in your field of study. By focusing on providing hands-on learning and interaction, we put you in a position where you can turn academic experiences into marketable skills.

As one of the largest public university in Minnesota, we offer cutting-edge facilities and academic research opportunities, without compromising our focus on student success.

Our Academic Areas

College of Education and 学习设计

Master's graduate smiling at camera.

The College of Education and 学习设计 prepares high-quality teachers, 管理员, 辅导员, scholars and other school and community professionals, and includes a doctoral program in higher education administration.


College of Health and Wellness Professions

Nursing student filling syringe.

The College of Health and Wellness Professions educates students to be nurses, 运动科学家, 社会工作者, 实验室技术人员, 老年医学专家, speech pathologists, 辅导员, 教师等.


College of Liberal Arts and School of the Arts

Student at TV newsroom desk.

The College of Liberal Arts offers major and minor programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences, as well as professional and graduate programs. 


College of Science and 工程 and School of Computing, 工程 & 环境

Student looking at computer board.

The College of Science and 工程 provides learning and research opportunities for students interested in biology, 化学, 地理/ GIS, 土地测量, 物理, 数学, computer science and more.


Herberger Business School

Student in suit and tie.

The nationally-accredited Herberger Business School is one of only seven accredited business colleges in Minnesota. It includes eight major courses of study, as well as the Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration programs.



Student with backpack smiling.

The 荣誉学院 invites academically motivated students to further develop their skills with a structured first-year experience, community courses, advanced research and more.


Signature Program

哈士奇提前 Show the world what you can do

哈士奇提前 is a unique program connecting academic majors with passion. Students design an educational experience that fits professional and personal goals and throughout the process work closely with a mentor, building a professional portfolio and earning a digital credential showcasing knowledge and  achievement.

Select from one of these tracks: 环境al Sustainability, 社会正义, International Engagement, 创业, 领导, or Civic Engagement.

When You Choose SCSU, You Choose:

  • 教师 who believe in the value of teaching – You will be taught by professors and instructors, 没有助手.
  • A portfolio of majors, 未成年人, certificates and programs that will prepare you for numerous employment opportunities upon graduation.
  • Global learning through our Education Abroad programs.
  • Credit for internships and hands-on learning experiences.
  • Collaboration and outreach with one of many community-involved projects.
  • Research with your professors and fellow scholars.
  • Possibilities to apply your learning through academic and cultural student organizations.

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